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Cozy Cheekz Will Be At The LA Baby Show

We are very excited to attend the LA Baby Show this year!  Our founder will have a booth set up with both our Heated Changing Table Pad and our Cozy Cradle baby travel cradle.  We have had so many great reviews from moms who have used our products that it is exciting to bring them to the show so that you can see them in person.  

We will be doing giveaways for the event, so please stop by our booth to register. We will also be selling both the Cozy Cradle and Heated Changing Table Pad at incredible prices as well as offering discounts to those who attend but are not ready to buy or want to pass along the discount to friends and family that may be buying gifts.  

If you can't attend, please stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for giveaways and specials during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

Momma Society Reviews Cozy Cheekz

Cozy Cheekz—The Baby Gear I Wish I Would Have Had With Baby #1

Thank-you Cozy Cheekz for collaborating on this post. Cozy Cheekz provided us with their heated changing pad and Cozy Cradle, but all opinions are our own. We only share products and brands we truly love and use.

Second babies. There is something calming about knowing what to expect. By this point, you know what sleep deprivation feels like. You know how quickly those newborn snuggles disappear. And you know what changing a dozen plus diapers a day looks like.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

With Isla, I have loved discovering useful products that make life with a new baby easier. Cozy Cheekz is one of those companies I wish I would have known about with Brody. They are the creators of two awesome products---a heated diaper changing pad and their Cozy Cradle, which is a lightweight multi-purpose pad designed for life on the go.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

First, let’s talk about the heated changing pad. The heated changing pad has four different heat settings controlled from an attached remote. I am sure my little ones are not the only ones who cry when you lay them on the changing pad to get ready for bed—especially after a nice, warm bath. They are usually cold and shivering as I frantically try to get them clothed and warmed up.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

The Cozy Cheekz heated changing pad can be warmed up and ready for your little one post bath or during diaper changes. With the cooler weather on the horizon, I have a feeling Isla will be extra thankful for the warming feature.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

The Cozy Cradle , is equally useful for newborn life. This multi-purpose pad rolls up to fit in a little waterproof bag. When you unroll it, it sits perfectly flat and creates a clean, cozy surface to set your little one on. It is made out of memory foam and is designed to cradle your little one’s head.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

Now that we have upgraded our bed to a king size, we do all of Isla’s middle of the night diaper changes in our bed. Hey, anything to get a few extra winks of sleep! The Cozy Cradle stays on our bed all night long and we use it as a changing pad for those middle of the night diaper changes. White bed sheets and a white duvet cover do not make the best backdrop for a diaper change when you are half asleep. The Cozy Cradle on the other hand, is perfect. Small in size, soft, and made with an antibacterial memory foam—we are thankful for it at 2am when we do not have to get out of bed to change a diaper.

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

The newborn phase has been a little bit easier this time around. I’d chalk this up to experience and helpful products, like Cozy Cheekz. I am still dreaming of a full night of sleep, but in the meantime you will find me bottling up all of the newborn cuddles while they last!

Cozy Cheekz | Heated Diaper Changing Pad | Best Baby Gear

Here’s the scoop on Cozy Cheekz:

· Available for Purchase on Cozy Cheekz

· Heated Changing Pad retails for $99

· Cozy Cradle retails for $49

Just for Momma Society Moms

Use code: MommaSoc20 for 20% off your purchase through the end of September!!


Hop on over to Instagram this week for a chance to win a Cozy Cheekz heated changing pad!

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Cozy Cheekz Goes To The Chicago Baby Show

I had so much fun attending the Chicago Baby Show!  I met so many nice people and it was great for everyone to be able to see and touch my products in person.  For those that attended, thank you for stopping by.  Our next stop will be the LA Baby Show.  See you there!