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Let's Compare Changing Table Pads

Let's Compare Changing Table Pads

There are many changing pads on the market today.  The prices range from about $15.00 to over $130.  What is the difference? Nurseries are expensive enough to set up, why should I spend more money?

Let's start at the low end of the spectrum.  I ordered a $15.00 pad on Amazon and that included shipping.  What a deal right?  Not so much.  The pad had a loosely fitted hard plastic cover and the foam padding inside was not very dense and only about an inch thick where your baby would be laying. As I have mentioned before, the average child will have about 6,000 diaper changes.  I'm pretty sure this was not going to last that long and, even if it did, as your baby get's heavier they will essentially not feel any padding at all.

The next level are mid-range changing pads that cost around $40.  These are definitely an improvement over the cheaper pad.  Unfortunately, they are double the price, but not double the quality.  Still a very hard plastic cover and a little better quality foam but not much. It is important to mention that none of these pads come with any kind of cover, so that is an additional expense.  Covers run anywhere from about $15 to $60 depending on where you are buying it and how stylish it is.  So now these pads are really costing about $55 to $100.

Okay, now let's talk about the more high tech pads.  I'm going to include Keekaroo in this category even though they really don't have any technology because they are significantly different from the more common varieties.  Keekaroo and Hatch are similar style pads made of rubberized foam in a variety of colors.  They are both definitely waterproof and wipeable and the Hatch actually weighs your baby and sends that info into an App via Bluetooth.  That being said, neither one is not what I would consider comfy for a baby.  They both have cold firm surfaces so, even though you are not supposed to use a cover with them, I would probably place a blanket or something on them just so that I am not shocking my warm little baby by putting them on a cold surface. I'm also not sure it is worth the extra money to weigh my baby at every diaper change. I am also not thrilled with the look of them.  Do I really want to highlight my changing pad or would I prefer it to blend in.  I think I prefer the blend.

Finally, let's talk about my amazing Heated Changing Pad. Yes, yes, I am going to shamelessly promote it at this point.  Partially, because I can and partially because, after looking at these other changing pads, I am more convinced than ever that mine is the best.  First let's talk about the construction of the pad.  We have a 2 sided design that keeps your baby from rolling off without constricting their head and legs.  The base foam that your baby lays on is 2 1/2 inches in width so that, no matter how big the baby gets, they will still feel cushioned. The plastic cover is made of soft plastic that is durable and waterproof.  Soft being the operative word in that sentence. The pad heats to a comfortable 100-102 degrees that your baby feels as they lay on it but does not feel hot to the touch so it is perfectly safe. It stays on for 12 hours at a time, which is important because no one wants to wait for something to warm up. It comes with a cover, yes I will repeat that, it comes with a cover so nothing else needs to be purchased to use it.  The covers are so, so soft and are designed to complement any decor.  After all, we don't really want our changing pad to be the center of attention in the nursery.  

Final verdict: I am more convinced than ever that at $89.95 my Heated Changing Pad is not only the best on the market, but a great value as well. 



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