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Can I let my baby sleep on Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad?

The changing pad is designed to be used only to change your baby or after bath, never as a sleeping aid and never when you are not physically in contact with your baby. Never place the changing pad in a crib, cradle, bassinet, play pen, play yard or bed. Always adhere to safe sleeping practices for your baby which an be found on NICHD Safe Sleep. If you have further questions, please contact your pediatrician.

Which heat setting should I use?

When first using your pad, start with the lowest or Warm setting to see how you like the feel. Test the heat settings one by one to determine which setting best suits your environment. In colder rooms the heat dissipates more quickly and in warmer rooms the lower setting might be enough. All of the settings have been tested to ensure that they are safe, but every baby has different tolerances to both heat and cold.

Can I wash the Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad or the Cozy Cheekz Cozy Cradle?

The changing pad has a water resistant cover which can be wiped off but not washed in a washing machine. Care should be taken to unplug the pad before wiping off. The cradle is made of memory foam that cannot be washed in the washing machine. It can be wiped off with a damp cloth and a small amount of baby shampoo or baby laundry detergent. Be careful not to use too much soap or water as it will be absorbed by the foam.

Can I wash the removable cover on either the Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad or Cozy Cheekz Cozy Cradle?

The removable changing pad covers for either product can be washed in a washing machine on a regular cycle. They can either be air dried or on low heat in the dryer.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states but there is an additional charge of $10 to send to Alaska and Hawaii. This is only to cover the additional shipping costs.

Why Doesn't My Heated Changing Pad Feel Very Warm?

The pad should not feel warm on the surface unless you press into it. Your baby's weight brings them closer to the heating element allowing your baby to feel gentle warmth while they are on it. Because your baby's skin is much more sensitive than yours, the pad is designed to heat to a temperature that is warm and cozy to them but not too warm so that it is safe.

Can I wash the Cozy Cradle

The cover of the Cozy Cradle can be machine washed. The Cradle itself can be wiped off with gentle soap but cannot be machine washed.